The International Mental Health Code

The International Mental Health Code provides mediation, advocacy and interventions that

are ethical based on the principles of a restorative community, as outlined by Restorative

Justice. This mentality provides alternatives to standard care in the hospital system during

certification. Each client or patient may access our hotline and nutritional services

across Canada. We offer talks and seminars at mental health venues and non-profits, 

reduced rates for clients on disability, and affordable advocacy for in-hospital proceedings.

We are able to represent local clients to the hospital system, particularly those

with a naturopath as their primary care physician. Mental health certified

clients may be given access to our services, and we provide brochures to mental

health offices and hospitals as requested. Please email us for a brochure.

The International Mental Health Code itself provides RP diagnostics, colours (1-40) and

emergency codes that can be used internationally by first responders, practitioners

and those working in mental health fields.