The analogy of health is like a puzzle which needs to be put together,

whereupon sometimes pieces are missing

and we cannot always see the big picture. 


The International Mental Health Code

We invite you to experience the wealth of knowledge and indepth study by international nutritionist and humanitarian Emily Isaacson for the purpose of providing global holistic medical care in every country of the world. 

Holistic Vision Canada promotes the formation of one holistic clinic per country for the purpose of education and development. We assist in the communication of holistic teams using a colour-based program. The Rainbow Program was developed to communicate nutrition and natural medicine standards in a global community.

We promote health and nutrition education that exists independently of social status, financial status or health status. Holistic Vision International proceeds to register these clinics, and distribute our nutrition theory and teachings. 

We hope to protect the individual’s choice to balanced and appropriate healthcare, the practitioner’s choices to use or not to use pharmaceuticals, and the nutritionist’s choice to forgo the standard diet approach to food metabolism for a program that is tailor-made and unique to each individual.