Message from Dr. Abram Hoffer

Dear Miss Isaacson:

Thank you for inviting me to join the board of Holistic
Vision Canada. I am pleased to accept your invitation. I do so only
because I have been concerned for such a time about the lack of
proper treatment of the mentally ill. For years I have been
fighting to bring sanity into psychiatry. Our native peoples have
been almost destroyed not only by the way they have been treated but
by the addition of the typical high junk food diet of high tech
peoples. I suspect that First Nations have been hurt more by the
terrible effect of high carbohydrate diets, white flour and alcohol
than by any other means. They need to be educated as does the
government of Canada which remains woefully ignorant of the real
nutritional needs of all Canadians. I am pleased to remain on your
board as long as you continue to fight for for nutritional sanity.

A Hoffer

Note: Dr. Abram Hoffer, orthomolecular psychiatrist, was on the board on HVC until he died in 2009. In his later years he was registered with the I.O.N.C. as a nutritionist and helped to found what is today the designation of Registered Orthomolecular Holistic Practitioner (ROHP).